Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worst Blogger Ever

Yes... thats me. I win hands down, no argument. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. I suppose if I had an adoring fan base, I'd be more dedicated. As it is, I think I might be the only person that reads this. I won't go on and weigh this poor blog down with my woes, so on to crochet. Suffice it to say, I havent blogged since July, but I have been crocheting. I dont want to chat about each project like normal so we'll just do a link dump with a quick summary.

  • Star Scarf - An AZ car ride expirement. Failed. This won't be getting finished

  • Scrap Starghan - Started on the camping car ride, finished... I don't remember when.

  • Rainbow Scarf - An AZ car ride expirement. Success.

  • Pink Market Bag - Started to help a coworker learn the pattern, finished on AZ car ride.

  • One Skein Scarves - Random lunch time projects, green vanna yarn, and double strand mint in simply soft.

  • Blue and Green Baby Ripple - Baby blanket at the request of a coworker

  • Baby Boy Granny Square - Another baby blanket at the request of a coworker...this one who crochets might I add....

  • Homespun Scarves - I no longer own a camera, crappy cell phone picture of two homespun scarves, and a black and hot pink boucle type scarf.

  • Horizon's Beanie - An AZ car ride project, she found some boucle in the dollar aisle that she had to have...

  • Granny Square bag - Random usage of old cotton yarn, still not assembled. And cat. Sexy sexy cat.

  • Elvis' Log Cabin Blankie - Who names their baby Elvis? Apparently these people.

  • Elvis' Starghan - No mom didnt want just one blanket for Elvis, apparently being the King you need 2 baby blankets.

  • Drop Stitch Scarf - Boredom on the same 16 hour round trip car ride to AZ

  • Arizona Booty - See how productive I can be while trapped in a car for long periods of time

  • Arizona Beanies - See above statement

  • Moving - The grand finale.... I had to move. This is me sorting my stash. Well this is me frustrated from having to move and packing, lying on my yarn stash.

I know there is a Trojans colored beanie (the team, not the condoms, where is your mind?!) that I didnt get a picture of. There was a fall colored homespun scarf that left the house without a picture also. I worked up another boring double strand p hook afghan also, again, no picture. That's still at home though, if I get a camera, I'm on it, I promise. Current projects on the hook are a hat for my child for Crazy Hat Day at school, 2 scarves for a coworker, and my mother would like a sweater for her dog. I promise I'm working on the whole camera thing.

On a lighter note, on top of crocheting I have left the house, I promise. Chalk La Strada at the Italian Festa, pumpkins, and Halloween. Horizon and I went to the Chalk Festival as we try to every year and celebrate our culture. This drawing was so vibrant in the sun, it's always hard to believe they're done in chalk. Another favorite, I like catching the artists working on them, makes them that much more amazing. Pumpkin time was great fun also; Horizon feeding a goat (yes she has purple hair), monkey and mommy on some slightly uncomfortable hay, my brother and I and monkey (again with the uncomfortable hay), and Horizon and I with our soon to be destroyed, I mean carved, delights. Yes, we carved them ourselves. Which, by the way, takes 364 days to forget exactly what kind of pain in the ass carving can be. Horizon working on hers and the finished products. I carved the castle, Horizon did the more traditional one, and Laura did the one with eyebrows. Last but not least, Halloween. My little Ariel.

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