Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My first wearable

Well, besides a hat or scarf. I did it. I finished the light and lively tank top. The pattern was a mess. Easy to follow but the sizing is just screwy. I made the large or extra large cups, yet I ended up cutting the small bodice down in size. There are things I would change if I did it again, but since summer is almost over I have lost the motivation to make another. I was pretty excited when I finally finished it and modeled it for my husband. His comment was "it looks homemade", so I may not be wearing it in public anytime soon. Here is the tank laying flat, and a closeup of the wood grain button I used. Overall, I am "eh" over it.

I finished my 4th fat bottom purse as well, lined and added the handles. I like the rattan handles, if I ever made another purse for myself I would probably use them.

Yesterday hubby and I trekked to Disneyland, trying to get a few more visits in before our passport expires in October. I havent downloaded the pictures yet I will try to get them up next week. It was a productive trip, I made a beanie on the way up and a beanie on the way back. I also got the chance to use my new Crochet Lite hook on the drive back. I like the hook overall, it is a different feel from the normal steel (metal??) hooks I normally use. The light worked fine until it was just too dark. Maybe if I hadnt been using a dark color yarn I could have still used it once it was pitch black out? I will try this out later this week when we go to Vegas.

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