Thursday, September 27, 2007

In between vacations...

Blogging the time away. I promised updated pictures from our Disneyland trip, and ta da I actually uploaded them! Here is hubby and I at Disneyland. Also here are the beanies that were made on the way up and back. The black and grey was to Disneyland, and the brown and green was on the way home.

After Disneyland I felt motivated by my own makings, and made a couple more beanies. I lost interest in the middle of the 4th one. You can see, its still in progress. Its just scrap yarn in sort of a fall theme. I am very excited about the upcoming season, I love sweater season. It's everything that is cozy. Hot cocoa, fireplaces, sweaters, sexy boots, rain, chowders, the smell of the cinnamon pinecones, and of course the best, Christmas. I wont run off on this tangent today however, maybe on some rainy day.

Following Disneyland, I worked for one day, then hubby and I left for Las Vegas. It was his best friends 30th birthday, so that requires "doing it up in style". I wanted to pack a project for the 5 hour drive to Vegas that wouldnt require too much. Too many hooks, too much yarn, too many patterns, etc. I decided on packing a new project (gee of course, I only have a few WIP's right) and started on my brothers Christmas present. I randomly picked something from my 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns book. I wanted something not too lacy and girly, but something that wasnt too tedious either. Also, I didnt want to do Soft Waves, which I had already tackled in the blue scrap one I made for Jayden. I settled on Strata. I bought camo yarn only, and used all the brown, cream, olive green, and black out of my stash. I am trying to be good and use stash yarn for the most part. My brother wants to join the military when he turns 18 so I think he will really enjoy the camo blanket. I didnt get a ton of work done, it's long so it takes awhile to go back and forth. I also didnt crochet a lot on the way back, hubby was tired so I drove for a few hours. Here is the ripple in progress.

I had a crafty day yesterday, finishing 3 pages in the scrapbook, painting mine and my daughters toenails (hot mama red, another great thing about the fall, red nail polish) and working a bit on the Camo Ripple. This weekend I work graveyard, that usually gives me a bit of time to crochet.

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