Friday, September 7, 2007


I did it.
Nearly 13 hours of drive time was blissfully spent crocheting. I finished Wyatt's blanket. I also finished the main piece for the fat bottom bag. I didnt get to the light and lively, the star blanket took much longer than I anticipated as it got bigger. I bought some really pretty fabric to line the FBB and I may try the new tutorial I found online to line it.

Motivated by progress, once I was at home I did add a few rows on the light and lively. I havent touched it since of course, but that's because school has started. Now, instead of being blissfully unaware of the time of day I have to manage drop off time, pick up time, homework time, bath time, dinner time and bed time. Crochet time seems to lose out until we find our rhythm. On the subject of school time, here is Horizon on the first day of school. She is a fashionista. She had to have the one strap backpack and the leopard shoes. Nearly every item we bought had to have pink in it, and she had to make sure her lunch box matched her backpack. I have no idea where she gets this from. I am lucky if my outfit matches on a day to day basis. She has hers planned down to the accessories for each day. Our days together changed with the start of school also, so now I may have more crochet time. We'll see...

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