Monday, August 20, 2007

Neglected Bloggerdoodle Part Deux

I always vow to be better and still I suck. In my defense, it has been a busy crochet time.

I managed to start, and finish, a birthday gift for my coworker. I made a Q hook Charger colored blanket. The picture looks a bit wonky, both yellow stripes are the same color. Here is a better picture, you can also see the FPDC in the pattern really well on the color change. I used a pattern from Quick and Easy Q Hook Afgans. I needed something that would work up quick and still be sturdy. My coworker loved it, luckily our office is air conditioned. She wrapped herself in the blanket and wore it nearly all day.

I also managed to finish the Lady Bug Afghan. I really liked the end result on the blanket. It turned out super thick and soft and the lady bug was cute and easy. I freeformed the lady bug after consulting a pattern I found online and not liking the end result.

We are heading to Arizona this weekend to finally see my in laws house. They have had this house for 2 or more years now and we still havent made the trek to see it. We are awful people.

It will be nice to get out of town and relax. Hubby will golf with dad and I will shop with my mother in law. They keep telling my daughter about this cool indoor pool out there so she will get to show off her new swim skills for them. The best part of this trip is 12 uninterrupted hours of drive time which means crochet time!!!!!! I am excited about the mini vacation, I am excited about seeing the house, I am most excited about the crochet time though. My mini August list is not near as done as I would like. Hopefully I will be able to finish the 3 remaining projects on the list. The star-ghan is about 60% done, and the light and lively is about 30% done. If I can finish those two on the way out maybe, that will leave the 6 hours on the way back for a FBB.

On a more random note, can you imagine any better way to spend the summer than making water angels with your child? I can't.

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