Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crochet Deadlines

Well I did it.
I got thru the busy week. Saturday, my husband and I made dinner for my in laws. Sunday my brother, daughter and I strolled around the sicilian festival and then went home and made a double batch of biscottis. Monday night I made cupcakes, and I made it back to yoga for the first time in a couple weeks. Tuesday I took my stepmom a little get well plant, and Wednesday I made a single batch of biscotti. I also attended made it to the gym and my daughters multicultural potluck (it was the cutest thing ever, they sang 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley) and I finished my coworkers blanket by the baby shower! She loved it. Of course I was up at 11pm Wednesday night weaving in all the ends, watching American Idol of course.

Onto the next project now. I will add the finished pictures tonight, and hopefully remember to update The List.

My next item is (drum roll please) a red paperboy hat. This deadline is a bit different then the blanket. I am beginning to think I work a bit better with a deadline though. Without a deadline projects have a tendency to just sit and collect dust, ahem, see living room blanket on The List. This next project is for my aesthetician, so in order to have beautifully arched eyebrows, I must finish said hat. After the hat, which honestly shouldnt take too long, I am not sure what's next. Of course I have a plethora of things I should do, what I want to do is a different story. I am thinking of maybe trying a tank top this summer too. I love this one from the May (?) Family Circle Easy Crochet issue.

This weekend I will be out of town, happy memorial day to me! Sunday I will drive up to Ventura with daughter in tow to go impose on, I mean visit my bestest friend. We have absolutely nothing planned, maybe some beach time, otherwise CHILL. I may get the hat done this weekend with lots of wonderful down time at hand.

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