Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Freaking Hat

This hat should have been done ages ago. Truth is I should have just stopped and gave up. This hat tortured me. Its finally done. The red paper boy hat for my wonderful aesthetician.

The pattern at first seemed to be written in japanese. I had about as much trouble with this pattern as the infamous Star Blanket pattern (any craftster knows what I am talking about here). Once I finally got the pattern wrestled down to something I could process, I ended up with something so ginormous it wouldnt have fit any human I have ever met. I frogged. I started again, size smaller needle. Again, frogged. Started a 3rd time, went a few rows short of the pattern increase, then picked up the pattern again, and yes, frogged. Finally, I did what any frustrated and creative individual would do, I made it up as I went along. I dont like the hat just for the mere trouble it gave me. I almost feel bad for giving it to her. I want her to have it, and I truly truly hope she likes it, but if she doesnt I dont think my feelings will be hurt.

Without further ado, The Hat. Ok, not the best picture but it's hard to take pictures of yourself without looking like a goo. Maybe this is better, The Hat on the the cat :)

All in all, its been a very unproductive week or so. I should have finished more, I had all my wisdom teeth pulled and was laid up for 3 days. I should have done more. I didnt. I finished the hat and the mixed blue afghan I had in progress for my daughters school teacher. I will post pictures of that and update The List as soon as I add the tassles. Next I will make 3 Gryffindor scarves so I can have those done by the time the movie is out. After that I think I am going to make a star blanket in Dodger colors for Wyatt, my best friends son.

It seems that all the local crafty stores have yarn sales this week. I was SUPER excited. I went to the first one Sunday and they didnt have the crochet lite hooks they advertised. I went to the 2nd one today and they had a horrible selection of yarn. I am totally disappointed. I may try the mom and pop store this Saturday, its hard though, its usually pretty pricey.

I will try and post more this weekend, I am volunteering at my work's golf tournament this weekend and should have plenty of time to at least start something!

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