Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shameless Mom Bragging

So, time for the shameless mom brag. Here is Horizon at the Del Mar Fair. All the prerequisites have been met. She has her face painted, she has already had sugar, she has been on the rides, and she is holding the prize she won at the games. Here she is on the teacups. The teacups make me a little woozy but my child loves them. They are always the first thing she wants to go on at Disneyland, and they were the first ride she wanted to go on at the fair. I had a blast at the fair, I tried fried snickers for the first time and I tried to convince my husband I needed a 4 foot tall stuffed penguin (yes I have a small penguin obsession). My husband tasted nearly everything and went on the the slingshot ball type ride.

I havent crocheted much this past week or so, hence the lag in the blog. I was busy for a bit with the fair, and fathers day and my brothers graduation.

Craftster crochet group has the newest challenge posted and I toyed around with some ideas for that also. The latest theme is Eco Crochet. I wanted to use recycleable materials, besides grocery bags and make something but my ideas weren't translating into the physical really well. I cut up some 2 liters and tried to punch holes in them and crochet them together with grocery bag yarn into something resembling a plant holder and that didnt work. Then I tried for a purse, and that didnt work too well either. I wasnt ecstatic about the theme from the beginning and while the prize was great, a lack of motivation still existed. I haven't been working on my projects really either. Here is the star blanket, I think I only added 2 more rows maybe. I also worked a bit more on the trinity HP scarf but forgot to take a picture. I started an additional HP scarf, this one in a G hook also, a little slimmer in size and just HDC instead of the star stitch. Of course, after I took the pictures and uploaded them I was all of a sudden motivated to crochet and added more rows to the newest HP scarf. I think I am on the 2nd block of red by now.

I would say I will try and crochet a bit more this week but I doubt it. Tonight I have to go down to Little Italy to pick up some ladyfingers and some marsala for a tiramisu I have to assemble. I also have to make Emeril's sausage stuffed bread tonight as well. These are both for a work potluck tomorrow, an early 4th of July celebration. I am missing out on the gym tonight so tomorrow night I will have to work out a bit harder. 4th of July is next week and I still have no plans yet. Whatever I do it will probably not involve crocheting, especially if the beach or pool is part of the plans. I will try and crochet if I can though, the HP movie is the week after next and I really want to have the scarves done.

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