Monday, July 9, 2007


Harry Potter is out! I saw it on Tuesday night at the midnight showing. It was great! Not my favorite Harry Potter movie, and no where close to the book, but good nonetheless. I cried a bit at the end, I am an incredible sap when it comes to movies. I finished one of the scarves in time also! I did not wear it to the movie however, my husband might not have taken me then. I started another matching one, hopefully to be done in a few days. My stepmom and I are going to dork out at the Grand Hallows Ball, aka the book release party at Borders.

I have done very little crocheting recently, very sad. It's summer and the usual lament of too hot to sit with a lap full of yarn applies. I am really trying to finish the scarves though and then the star blanket so I can start on something for me. I really want to do the light and lively tank, after seeing all the success on the Craftster crochetalong. My LYS has the oddest hours, I am pretty sure it is only open when I am at work. I want to go and get some new yarn, I have no real project in mind.

My daughter got her hair cut this weekend, she chopped off all her hair. Here is her before, after, and another after. It's going to be a busy July, there won't be a ton of time to relax and crochet. This weekend is my work picnic, next weekend is a baby shower, and the weekend after that is the IB sand castles. Luckily, the baby shower blanket has been done for some time now. I still have yet to take pictures and update The List with said pictures of course. My daughter is going camping during the last week of July, instead of moping around and being lonely, maybe I will drown my sorrows in yarn and crochet! My two nephews' birthdays are this month also, they will get store bought goodies though.

Saturday the 21st I am having a crochet gathering, I will definitely have some good pictures and projects from that. There are 4 girls at work that I have "hooked" and one of my brothers friends as well. I will try not to ignore my blog and keep it updated with all my nifty craftyness!

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