Friday, July 20, 2007


I am in nerd heaven. The last and final book comes out tonight at midnight. My stepmom and I are going to geek out and head to the book store party. I may not be able to make it to midnight, but if she decides she can, I am going to try. If I dont pick the book up tonight I will get it tomorrow morning at 8am when the bookstore opens.

I am also excited because I am having a crochet gathering tomorrow morning! 3 of my coworkers and a couple of other friends and I are going to our local coffee shop and sharing our latest WIP's as well as helping each other out with patterns. I bought some pink sugar and cream (on sale this week!!) and I am going to attempt to make the Light and Lively tank, the Craftster crochetalong really has me motivated!

To top off my excitement, I actually updated The List with all the pictures I have. I put the pictures of the baby girl and baby boy blanket. This pattern was from A Year Of Baby Afghans Book 3 . It is done in a unique single crochet/double crochet sort of stitch, with a double crochet last row few stitches behind sort of deal. Here is a close up of the stitch, its pretty and made for a really soft lovely blankie.

While downloading the pictures I decided I should include a random wedding photo, because, well I can. It's nice to go through them every so often and remember why you spent a fortune for the photographer. This is a great picture, because we are so freaking excited it's over. Also, my poor bridesmaids were apparently standing under a ginormous human eating spider that appeared to be bride hungry and they can now run away. Also, its just really beautiful down at the bay and you can see both of our families standing there supporting us.

Back to crochet, now that the scarves are done, I can finish the Dodger star pretty quickly. I am going to make another baby blanket for a coworkers niece, then Light and Lively time! The baby blanket is for a nursery done in the cutest lady bug theme. I think I am going to use double strands of pink yarn, some baby soft, and a some baby clouds maybe, and then crochet lady bugs separately and sew them on. I dont want to use red and black in the blanket, I am afraid it will be a bit too bold.

This week I may also try to whip up a ribbon scarf, something quick, cheap and easy. Ribbon yarn is on sale a Michaels, and there is a drop stitch scarf pattern on CrochetMe that I saw that might work up pretty quickly. My boss' birthday is next Friday and she hinted not too lightly that we should get her something. Also, Horizon is camping all week, so I will be a lonely mom on Wednesday with extra time.

I will take my camera tomorrow and take some pictures of our crochet goodness and hopefully put them up this week.

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