Monday, August 6, 2007

Poor Neglected Bloggerdoodle

Sadly, I have neglected my bloggerdoodle. It's upsetting, however as no one really reads this yet, I dont believe I have upset my fan base. When I am famous though, I will try harder to maintain this much better. This is a busy crafty crafty month for moi. I think I am going to have to have a Mini List, sort of an addendum to The List. Let's see, WIP's for August are:
  • Light and Lively Tank - purely selfish no due date
  • LadyBug Blankie - Jackie's Niece, due by end of August
  • Wyatt's Dodger Star Blankie - Due August 23rd
  • Cynthia's Birthday Gift, no idea what yet - Due August 17th
  • Julie's Purple FBB - no real due date, want it done before September if possible

I think that's all that I am working on. I did bust out a quick scarf for my boss' birthday, made out of Fiesta Homespun. I just did a quick double crochet, nothing too fancy, I only had one night to complete. I tried to do the drop stitch scarf pattern from Crochet me, but I think the ribbony yarn I bought was kinda crappy. I wasnt happy with the color palette to begin with, so I wasnt super crushed to give up on it and just use something way better texturally.

Now for all the cool pictures of what I have going on. I have started the Light and Lively, even though I have had to put it on the back burner since I have stuff that is actually due. I have gotten the bra triangles done, and I have done the 2 rows of double crochet to attach them. Of course, I did that after I took the pictures :) Everyone said the pattern was funky sized, and boy is it ever. I started on the triangles and went up to a large size on those. Then I started on the band to attach them and a small was HUGE. I am no little girl here, so it's been a bit of a trial with the large top and altered small band. It is still a bit loose around the band, it has to be if I intend on putting it over my head to put it on. I am hoping when I attach the straps it will hold the back up a bit, I really dont want to frog this again.

I also have the LadyBug blanket in the works. Naturally, after I took the photos, I worked on it more. I am closer to 3/4 of the way done now, if I hadnt accidentally bought Baby Clouds Saturday instead of Baby Boucle, I would be done. I am little worried about the edging, the blanket is being worked up in double strand, Boucle with Baby Soft, and I am not sure if a shell edge will work in double strand? We'll see how it goes.

I forgot to take updated photos of Wyatt's blanket and I havent started Cynthia's birthday gift or Julie's purse yet. Wyatt's blanket is a bit hard to work on, I stored some hemp/twine type stuff in the same yarn bag for a week and now the blanket smells funny. I havent fabreezed it yet, I need to so I can continue to work on it. Once its finished I can just throw in the wash if the smell hasnt faded.

I think that's it for now, I have been really busy trying to play catch up on Horizon's scrapbook also. Once school starts, I have two vacations planned that should allow for some crochet time and my days off hopefully will be a little less busy!

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