Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stash clearing

I have been very very good recently.
My two latest creations are all stash yarn. I started the Camo ripple on the drive to Vegas and have taken time off from that currently. I found out last week that my 2nd cousin is having her baby shower this weekend, so I wanted to make a quick baby blanket. I dumped out my blue and green yarn tub and pulled anything Simply Soft out. This is what I was left with. I decided on a pattern from Quick and Easy Baby Afghans, one of the Leisure Arts mini booklets. Its a pretty simple ripple, the increase row is double crochets and the decrease row is spaced out double crochets making for a pretty but different looking ripple. It's made with 2 strands of yarn with a K hook. Next time I will try to take a close-up, I am 8 rows away from being done. Here is the current progress of the baby blanket. I have been working pretty feverishly on it at night, it's a good thing it's a quick blanket or I would never be done in time.

Hubby and I also went to disneyland again recently. This is our 2nd trip within a month, since we are passport holders we like to go and enjoy the different holiday decor. We took some pretty cute pictures with the Halloweentime decor. Last year we went at this time and they had these huge candy corns out front between the parks. We took a super cute picture last year but unfortunately due to a pc mishap we lost the picture. We tried to re-create the cuteness this year, but maybe I was just cuter last year! Yesterday was our 3rd anniversary, we have been together since October of 2004. Monday is our 1st wedding anniversary, we havent killed each other for 1 whole year! We had intended to take a cruise next week to celebrate but with the holidays and everything else going on, we postponed our vacation to the last week of the month and put the cruise off until next year. Who knows what we will do during that week, there may be another Disneyland trip in our future! With a whole week off I am sure my husband will want to surf, so I just may get some beach crochet time in.

Oh, I finally got my Ravelry invite, check me out, I am on Ravelry!!!

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