Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Boo! Scared you didnt I? Ok, I am lame. Its been awhile and I have been a bad blogger. It's been busy, really it has.

Alright, let's see. I finished my cousin Vicki's baby blanket. It was a feverish week of crocheting, but I managed it. As promised, here is the closeup of the stitch. The increase rows were double crochets close together and the decrease was more spaced out. I am incredibly proud that it was all scrap yarn. Well mostly scrap yarn, I had to buy two of the sage towards the end just to finish it.

I have also been working on my brothers christmas blanket. I am trying to crochet as many gifts as I can, as christmas gets closer the list gets longer and at some point I will need to condense and be practical. I work well with lists, my beginning list helped me get a bit done, and my August list did as well. We'll call this one my Winter List:

Val's birthday gift - afghan? (Due November)
Alex's Camo ripple
Laura's market bag
Jackie (beautician) christmas gift - scarf
Danny's christmas afghan

I know there is more, but currently my mind is a bit wonky. I am blogging thru a migraine so hang in there if this becomes a bit tangent filled.

I started on Jackie's christmas gift. I wanted to do a scarf for her since I had already made her a hat (you remember the Evil Hat). She loves red and I found some Lion Brand Soft yarn and a great sparkly red (bernat maybe?). I have seen a lot of basketweave stitches around and thought it would be simple and quick and look great in a scarf. I tried it last night and I am not ecstatic with the results. This is double stranded with my fabulous crochet lite K hook. I dont love it, but its sort of tedious and time consuming and makes my brain work a bit too hard. I also tried just double strand with a trinity stitch (see the Harry Potter scarves attempts). I didnt love it either. I think I am not challenging myself and its not... funky enough for her. Next I think I am going to try the scarf from Happy Hooker, the Garden Scarf? Its the one that looks like a bunch of flowers daisy chained together. I'll post pics when I decide what to do of course.

Lastly, how could I blog on Halloween without the required Halloween photos. Here is Horizon as Jasmine, and here is her and I. Also, lest you think my craftiness ends at yarn, here is our pumpkins. I did the skull and crossbones. I am so fabulous. Ok, well it was a stencil, so shoot me.

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