Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm lame.

I know it. I was supposed to be better at this. I last blogged on Halloween, its almost a month later. Lame lame lame. I'd like to say I've been lame because I have been one productive busy bee. I haven't. It's the darn holiday season. Thanksgiving then Christmas, one right after the other. Columbus should have thought how much his feast with the pilgrims was going to affect the celebration of the birth of Christ. Seriously, how inconsiderate.

Alright, no more ranting. Let's see what I have done. Here was my list on Halloween:

Val's birthday gift - afghan? (Due November)
Alex's Camo ripple
Laura's market bag
Jackie (beautician) christmas gift - scarf
Danny's christmas afghan

I finished Val's birthday gift. It did indeed turn out to be an afghan. The infamous P Hook ripple, it's quick, it's easy. It was all scrap yarn. Well mostly. I ran out of "cafe" half way thru and frantically scoured yarn stores in search of it. I hit pay dirt on the 5th store and luckily stocked up. Naturally I procrastinated and then spent 5 straight hours finishing the blanket the day before her birthday. Needless to say, she loved it.

Secondly, Alex's blanket. I have worked more on it, I am not so sure about the Christmas due date. It also was intended as a scrap blanket, but as usual I have bought more tan, camo, and green for it. He also caught me. I had spent the day before Thanksgiving cleaning like the anal OCD clean freak I am. I left only my project bag out figuring after a long day spent cleaning I could relax with the blanket. Not only after a long day of cleaning did I not feel like lifting a finger, I forgot I had left it out. When the boys came over the next day, he remarked on what a cool blanket it was. Oops. Well at least I know he likes it? I stashed the bag after he noticed it, and hopefully he'll forget all about it.

Laura's market bag. Yeah, um no. I haven't started on this. I haven't unearthed the yarn yet. I haven't found the pattern I want to use yet. This is looking like a no go. She loves scarves though, so there is hope for a handmade Christmas gift yet.

A gift for Jackie. After my attempt at the basketweave I decided to try the Garden Scarf from Happy Hooker. I did it. Well, it's almost done anyway. One more flower and end weaving and I should be good to go. My appointment with her is December 15th so I have plenty of time. Ha, so says the girl that waited til the day before to finish an entire half an afghan. I am hoping she'll really like it, it's red and it's sparkly and its San Diego perfect. It doesnt get cold enough for a full thick east coast type scarf, this is more decorative and girly.

Lastly, Danny's blanket. Again, no. I dont have the yarn yet. Last time I made him a black p hook ripple with a red, yellow, and green stripe thru it. That one was lost thru circumstances beyond his control so now, he whines that he needs another. I dont know if I just want to make the same p hook ripple (listen....easy, quick, brainless), or if I want to try a new pattern. I have seen a lot of the granny square type afghans, made in one piece from the center out. Same colors, but different look? I dont think this will be done by Christmas either, maybe I'll shoot for May birthday gift.

Ok, I also made a beanie while I was out of town in Ventura. I dont have pics, just your standard one stripe beanie. It was black with a green stripe, made for my best friends baby brother. I started another Garden Scarf also, I wanted to try Vanna's yarn out. I like the color scheme, its a pretty dark purple, dark green, and mustard yellowish green sorta? I am almost done with it also, it has no home yet. I am thinking of making random scarves out of scrap yarn and just making little Xmas bags. Gifts for the girls, and gifts for those who give you a gift that you are never quite prepared for. I have high aspirations, low time and motivation though. I also plan on baking goody bags for work. Plus my grandmother has me baking all of her biscotti this year. Sigh. How I love the holidays.

In my defense, lest you think I have spent the last month, partying, drinking, getting tattood, and being an all around shiftless layabout, I took my daughter to the Mother Goose Parade. If you look in the back of the photo, you'll see, I am dedicated to my craft, notice the crochet bag and WIP in the chair.

I'll be less lame about this, I'll really try..... yeah right. :)

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