Thursday, January 3, 2008

Holy Frick

Its 2008 batman.

Seriously, what happened to 2007? I remember escaping Downtown at 12:01am 1/1/7, and then it was Christmas. I dont feel like I got enough accomplished, but it isnt my fault. The year didnt hang around long enough, really. I should do a recap of what I did finish and that might make me feel better. Eh, thats too much work.

Its been over a month since I last emptied my brain, I have finished a couple projects I promise. I finished the red garden scarf I made for my wonderful aesthetician, but I was sadly without camera at the time, so no pictures. I also threw together two last minute scarves for my girlfriends birthday, I finished the purple and green garden scarf, and I made a quick k hook, simply soft double strand trinity stitch scarf. I started an additional garden scarf, made with this wonderful Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn I picked up. It would be an expensive venture, but man, if I could make a blanket out of the stuff, it is so wonderfully soft and cozy. I dont have a WIP picture of the scarf yet, I will try this weekend. I have been working on Alex's ripple camo afghan also, I didnt take updated pictures yet either. It obviously did not make it in time for Christmas, but luckily, his birthday is in March, so now, its a birthday gift. Or will be.
I had a good laugh to myself last night. Mostly I looked crazy giggling by myself at home, but no one saw. I ran out of classic black red heart for Alex's afghan so I needed something else to work on. I was not motivated to start something new, so I decided to work on my living room afghan. Maybe you remember this? I didnt. I didnt remember what hook size or the pattern whatsoever. I actually had to dig up the pattern boook, figure out what hook, and re-read the pattern. I honestly dont know when I last worked on the darn thing. I felt good working on it again, and remembering how simple the pattern was. If the blanket wasnt so bulky it would be great to work on at lunch at work, but its a little cumbersome to carry around.
Alright, now let me atone for my December sins. I was honestly very very busy. I normally have 3 days off, I work 4 ten hour days. I worked a combination of 5 Wednesdays and Saturdays, turning my 4 day work week into 6 day work weeks. I also had....some stress issues in December as well as the holidays. I had 2 friends birthday dinners, not including my birthday (did I mention I love my idiot brothers). I had 2 girl scout events, two holiday parties, and a retirement party. Throw in the partridge in the pear tree floating down a river of red wine and there went December.
For Christmas, Horizon got everything, and I got Uggs. We are happy people.
For a quick recap, Christmas eve:


Oh, and my toe. Happy birthday to me, I am an idiot. I have no idea how I did it. I dont know if I broke my toe or if I will lose my toenail (eeew). It hurts occasionally and I initially limped for a day or two. No more line dancing inebriated. Yeah right.

My husband spent New Years at the Rose Bowl. He stalked Emeril for me and took a picture. It's nice that he took a picture for me, can I admit though, I am a bit jealous and kinda want to kick him in the head for meeting Emeril without me?

Happy holidays, and welcome to 2008. I've said it before and we all know I am lying.... I will try to be better at this. :)

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