Monday, January 28, 2008

"Human Progress is neither automatic nor inevitable..."

In honor of MLK Jr day, we'll start with that quote (BTW, yes I know I am a week late, give me a little credit here, at least I am writing). Also because progress is slow going on curent WIP's and I googled "progress quotes" for a little motivation. What I found wasnt necessarily motivating, but it did make me feel better about slowly chugging along.

It's raining out which is fantastic. I am sure I have mentioned it previously, but I really do love the rain. Granted, I love the rain because its a rarity, but regardless I still love it. Last night, it was the perfect crochet night. It was rainy outside and cold and we'd eaten an early dinner. Nothing to do but curl up on the couch and crochet. What makes it even better is now that I am making headway (finally!!) on Alex's blanket, I can actually throw it across my lap while I work on it. The blanket seemed to go nowhere for awhile but now when I stand up, it comes nearly to my shoulders. I am finally excited by the length it has gotten and hopefully the excitement alone will push me to finish. I was floundering on what to do with the ends, then I came across CrochetMe's goddess Kim Werker's finished ripple. Sigh, the jealousy. I think I have decided to edge it. Go around the whole thing with a few rows of SC or HDC in black. She edged hers and it looks amazing.
I also started a project that could travel with me. I decided to make one of Vanna's log cabin afghans for my coworker who is having a boy. Now I already know I can be considered somewhat of an eccentric at times, but I had jury duty a couple weeks ago and I was excited. Really truly excited. I would get paid from work for doing my civic duty, and I wouldnt have to go to work. I got to take my little crochet bag and sit for 3 hours and do nothing but peacefully crochet. This was my jury duty progress. Granted, I havent worked on it much since but I have gotten a bit farther. I met up with another crocheter at Starbucks to help her translate the pattern and I got a few more rows done. I am really liking Vanna's yarn also, it seems so much softer then good old red heart and the colors are so much more awesome. It is a bit more expensive but I think for baby blankets and smaller projects, I may be hooked. Ha. Hooked. Get it? Ok, well it was funny to me.

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