Friday, March 7, 2008

There once was a man from Nantucket..

Ok, don't ask, it's Amy's fault.
Let me just start off by saying, I meant to update this a week or so ago. I really did. I even took pictures of the projects. Did I update this, no of course not. I blame work. I had training last week and my computer access was limited. Yeah, that's it.
Let's revisit the January list.
  • Finish living room blanket - sigh.... maybe by next winter
  • Make Danny replacement blanket - Not even on the horizon yet
  • Make Cynthia a replacement Charger blanket - WOOT, she found hers, removed from list
  • Felt something, anything - I have high hopes I will do this... someday
  • Finish Alex's blanket - HA HA DONE. DONE DONE DONE. Please see previous blog entry.
  • Fruit cozies for my cell and ipod - let's just say ditto on this in regards to felting
  • A market type bag for Laura - well its only March right, her birthday isnt until May
  • Coffee cozy - see felting something, see also fruit cozies
  • Baby boy blanket for Kim - DONE
  • Baby girl blanket for Val - DONE, pictures to follow
  • A baby blanket of undetermined sex for Johnny B - its officially a girl, this will be the next baby blanket I work on.... I think
  • End of the year afghan for Horizon's teacher - why do I foresee myself sweating and working my fingers until they hurt at 11pm on the day before the last day of school?

3 things on the list are done and its only March, that says something right? Now let's look at an updated version:

  • Finish Living room blanket
  • Make Danny a replacement blanket, birthday in May
  • Market bag for Laura, birthday in May
  • Baby girl blanket for Brian, end of March baby shower (pictures to follow)
  • Baby girl blanket for Johnny B
  • Baby blanket of undetermined sex for girl friend
  • End of the year blanket for Horizon's teacher, end of school year mid June

Ok, see, the new list is smaller. It becomes less scary, possibly more attainable this way. This doesn't mean I still don't harbor deep desires to let my inner crochet craziness out and crochet fruit cozies. I have been extraordinarily good on the yarn purchasing this year. Could just be because I am broke. I like to think its due to my superhuman willpower. On that note, I havent had chocolate in 711 hours. I havent broken down and stolen candy from a child yet. I havent rolled my face in rolo's (please tell me someone else saw Bernie do this on Biggest Loser and laughed until they cried). I haven't even started drinking my chocolate bubble bath. All in all, I've been successful, and I am a wee bit shocked. This doesn't mean come the end of Lent I won't be a chocolate eating fool.

Sorry for that bit of tangent there, lack of chocolate does that apparently. On to crochet now I promise. I finished the Grisaille patterned blanket I had started on. This is Val's baby blanket. I bordered the shell pattern with a shell border. It ripples a bit but I think I like it a little bit wavy. The color scheme never grew on me as much as I thought it would. Hopefully she will dig it though. I also started a baby girl blanket for my husbands coworker and fellow high school classmate of mine. It's another of Vanna's lap afghans, the same pattern I used for Kim's baby blanket. I really like how mindless it is to work, it isn't a lot to tote around and it's quick. Just a week or so later, I am almost done. One last row and edging and another one down. Next will be another baby girl blanket. I think I am going to dig out The Happy Hooker for that and see if I can manage the Seija Set. Lastly, I was perusing random photos the other day and found this. Happy Easter 2005. This is crochet related trust me. This was my husbands and my first Easter together. Notice my cute poncho (in at the time I swear). I crocheted that in about 2 or 3 days when I couldnt find anything else to wear on Easter. Now my mother in law has one, as well as 2 scarves, 2 hats, and a purse. This is what happens when people find out you crochet. Lastly, Easter in March??!!! Sigh, hope everyone remembers to spring ahead this weekend, til next time... muah!

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