Thursday, April 3, 2008

March Madness.... In April

Ok so I sorta missed the deadline to title anything March Madness. Oh well.
It's spring (I think... has it been 6 weeks since the snowbound rodent did or didnt see his shadow?) and with spring comes stress. Longer day light seems to mean less time. The more time I can be outside means the less things that get done in my house (um, hello, I havent seen my closet floor since Christmas). This also means I dont get a whole lot of time for crochet. The down side of this is everyone I know has a birthday between March and May. Everyone has babies between March and May. Basically, less time to crochet, yet 50 projects to do. I end up typically ranting about this every year, usually closer to May. In May (warning: this is not an exaggeration) between my family, in laws, and friends, there are 18 birthdays and/or anniversaries. Oh yeah, and just to up the crazy, throw in 2 holidays. I wonder, 9-10 months before May, are there less people in public? Is everyone shut inside (hopefully) doing naughty things? Are the malls less crowded? Is there less traffic? I may test this theory this year and go out around that time. Maybe the lines will be shorter. I start this rant, and along comes the inevitable fist shaking and curse words, and then I stop. I remember. I had my daughter in May. Apparently I am no better than anyone else, and I too was doing naughty things at the same time as the general public.

So anyway, back to March. 2 baby blankets found their homes. Brian's baby blanket was delivered (thought I had a finished picture...oops), and I was told, well received. Also Val's baby blanket was delivered. Sorta. Initially, I started a baby girl blanket for Val in "non traditional" baby girl colors. I hand picked a new pattern, something soft and pretty, and spent a couple extra dollars on Vanna yarn. I started the Grisaille, remember this? I eventually finished the blanket, and set it aside for her shower. Now, a week before her shower or so I learn she is registered at a local baby superstore, and I check out her registry. While it's not traditional baby girl colors, it is traditional baby colors. It is mint green, light blue, and white. Now, I have a hideous blanket that I made that I refuse to give to her. I scramble and throw together a quick N hook, double strand, baby soft blanket and give it to her. She loves it, it matches perfectly and she will never know about the hideous concoction I had initially made for her. The problem is now I am stuck with a hideous baby blanket. Sigh.

Other random updates, remember my toe? The poor grotesque toenail that I injured? It got worse. Then, last week, my toenail fell off. Yes, I only have 9 toenails now. Boy, its a good thing I dont have to look pretty in two weeks at my girlfriends wedding... oh wait, I do. I could totally disturb my audience and take a picture of the newly naked toe, but I vomit a little in my mouth just looking at it and it's my toe. I will save you the horror.

Also, Easter has come and gone. It seems to me Easter happened too soon this year but I dont think I would handle it any better any later. I still scrambled at the last minute to find my daughter something cute to wear on Easter and I still scrambled to make Sicilian Easter Bread. I make this bread every year for my Grandfather who really likes the bland, tasteless rope bread. It's designed to hold painted Easter eggs, for decoration purposes. I make it without the eggs, why waste 7 eggs? Also, due to my grandpa's restrictive diet and bland tastes, I dont glaze it either. Basically, I just make bread dough and twist it into a fun shape. Here is the wonderful dough, pre rising and pre baking. After rising and baking, yumm, braided bread. This year on Easter, was my brother Alex's birthday. Another blanket found it's home, The Monstrosity was delivered. He loved it, I was so very ecstatic. He rushed right to his room and put it on his bed. I couldn't have been any happier. Easter was overall, a pretty good day, I love my family, I love all the food, I love the fun times. My brother sent me a joke this Easter that I wish I could tell year round, it makes me happy. I giggle just writing it. Why does the Easter Bunny hide eggs?

To hide the fact that he is fucking chickens.

HA. Ok, so really, I am simple minded, but seriously, every damn time I laugh.

Here is our Easter fun:

Lastly, more progress. Yes, it's not crochet. So what. Stop reading. No really, go away if you dont like it. Go. Now.

If you stayed, check out Yes, it's knitting not crochet. Seriously though, this crafter made me laugh until I cried.

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