Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Friday!

Yay for Friday! Ok, well I work tomorrow, but we can pretend anyway. It's been over a month since I have updated this, but I promise I have good reasons.

April was busy, May is shaping up to be just as busy. We should all be overjoyed that I can ignore my work for long enough to update my blog. First, there was the wedding. My girlfriend got married and I was one of her bridesmaids. I got my hair and nails done and wore makeup, I looked like a girl! It happens so rarely, I really enjoy when I do get to be a girl. It was a beautiful wedding on a yacht with the reception on land (thank god). I must say, we looked like hot mamas! There was more tattoo work, I dont think I will be done with ink anytime soon. After wedding and tattoo, there was the celebration, with a parade (!), to honor my giving birth. Ok, so the parade was for the SpringFest and the celebration was for Horizon's birthday. Both events coincided, so my little girl scout was in a parade on her birthday with her troop. Check out the shirt she made, she's crafty like mom! I dont remember being 9 honestly, but I know when I did turn 9, I didnt get an ipod. Lucky brat.

Amidst the chaos, I started a P Hook ripple afghan to replace the one my brother lost (thru no fault of his own). His birthday was the 12th, so I had maybe 2 weeks to finish it. I did! I finished it last...Wednesday? That left me with a week and a day to make a market bag for Laura for her birthday. Not only was I going to attempt a pattern I had never made before, I was also going to incorporate beads for the first time. I have been very very good about only buying yarn for projects I need, once I finish the current project. Last Wednesday I bought yarn for the first time in ages! I bought cotton ease for the market bag, and some wooden type beads. I also bought some red heart soft yarn for a Boteh Scarf. I had hopes that if the bag worked up quickly enough I would be able to knock out the Boteh in time. No luck. I did finish the bag though. As I find with most Lion Brand patterns, the projects are way oversized, this thing is huge, check out how it dwarfs my child. I improvised the pattern a bit, adding a flap with a wooden button for closure. I tied all the ends off last night and started to package everything up. Today, there is a combined celebration for 2 of my coworkers who are having babies. I will be giving away a baby boy and a baby girl blanket, both made awhile back. Also, I had another Garden Scarf made ages ago that would be packaged with the market bag. Check out all my goodies leaving the nest today!

Now, I will start on the end of the year teacher's afghan for Horizon's teacher. After that... freedom for a bit? No, 2 more babies to go. Another coworker and the new bride are having babies, both girls. I think for my coworker I will make the Seija Set from Happy Hooker. For my girlfriend... I am not sure yet, maybe a Log Cabin baby blanket from Vanna's book? 3 more blankets, then freedom! Yeah right...

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