Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Bloggerdoodle

This might be the first weekend blogging I have done, usually I make work pay me for blogging. Ok, I blog while I should be working, really it's all in how you look at it. I am sitting here snacking on carrots though, go healthy me. Alright, alright you win... I'm dipping them in garden vegetable spread (is that redundant?). Next week I'll be camping for July 4th, I'm pretty excited for some down time. I have yet to decide if I will bring crochet, I dont want anything to smell like campfire. I will probably bring crochet for the car ride though, so I guess there may be some minimal crocheting done.

So you ask, what have I done while I ignored you for the last month or so, I've been crocheting! Oh yes, I occasionally show I am accomplished. It's rare, I hate to set expectations too high. Last time I checked in, there was two more baby blankets to go and the teachers afghan. Teachers blanket done, one baby blanket is finished, one is in the works, and I made a scarf out of scraps. I have really really abnormally high hopes that I will be able to build an inventory for Christmas time so I can peddle my wares at our work craft fair. Yay, for Christmas money. OK, so I finished the baby blanket for my coworker. I chose a new ripple out of the 200 Ripple Stitch book, and went with the new Vanna's Choice Baby yarn. Here is the Pink Ripple, in Pink Poodle, Rose Mist, and Purple Mist. Yes, it's a WIP picture, sadly, I am lame and forgot to take a finished picture. I have plenty of Vanna scraps from the last couple baby blankets since I am addicted to her yarn and I worked up a quick scarf. I went with the trinity stitch, it's quick, it's easy, it's familiar. Maybe as my adoring public, you could all chip together and buy me a Crochet Stitch Bible type book so I could stop using trinity so often. Until then, it's all your fault and I will continue trinity-ing away. Also, I know I said I may use log cabin or seija for my next baby blanket, but I lied. Well I didnt lie so much as I changed my mind, cause I'm a girl and I can do that. I am going to make two baby blankets for my girlfriend and wait until her shower in August before I decide which one to give her. She has registered at one place for a cherry blossom set and at another place for a more jungle type print. I dont know what will match better, so I am starting out with the Cherry Blossom Blanket. Next I will do one in her other colors. Whichever I dont use will just go to inventory for the craft fair.
As for crochet, that's it for now. Horizon was in her school's talent show with her Girl Scout troop. She did really well, they sang Growing Strong. She has muscles like mom! School's out now, so her and I have our Wednesdays to hang out and be girls. She got her braces, she loved choosing the colors! Strange child and she's all mine.

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